What that own media business, and not least, what are their motivations are two central issues. A diffuse, or at worst missing, journalistic ambition endangers future of journalism, says Jonas Nordling. Get free legal help here about bank fraud whistleblower lawyer.

The American Guild of Journalists News revealed Friday a project under the name #NewsMatters. The reason for the action was a strong discontentment with the increasing variety of US media owners consist of anonymous investors, obviously without journalistic interests.

The US media market is of course the very same austerity as here in Sweden, but certainly has a great deal of business been surrounded by amazing situations. Perhaps best illustrated by the newspaper in Nevada, which was purchased by an owner who tried to be a trick, even for staff members.

But there are also examples of hedge funds that bought the media company and then sell the printing and office structures for the numerous millions without reinvesting earnings in journalism.

l2And it’s likewise based upon this reality, the US trade union project to be seen. News Guild has possibly not a degree of organization of the Swedish standards, but still arranges 25,000 journalists in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. (And likewise boasts being the very first union Recently a member of an American bank note.) The response on social networks likewise suggest that the response to the confidential owners remained in demand in the US newsrooms.

Here in your home we are still mostly owners of journalistic foundations, however the United States experience shows that such can be altered overnight.

To My Media sells art is obviously symptomatic, but if the earnings are put in business, I see no problems, besides that it feels a little desperate. More stressing is the company’s tinkering with the accounting guidelines to prevent documenting values.

But even more anxious I get to see how a few of the more journalistically uninterested investors seem to dress up the bride-to-be for future sales.

Close up of a social media business plan with pen and calculator

Close up of a social media business plan with pen and calculator

And for several years we know that Schibsted, which obviously still operate based upon a journalistic assignment, do not wish to use the make money from the operations that block to continue to money journalism. The issue is that it has made?? investors improving thoughts housebroken in the media world. History reveals that journalism rarely have been able to create their own income in complete.Today there are still numerous Swedish media companies with property earnings that conserves the results and thus supplies a certain working environment in the digital transition. But if such a company instead of acquired by financiers with quick returns that goal, well then teaches journalism draw the brief straw.

The confidential ownership is possibly unavoidable in a world where media reads out, and where unidentified forces looks possible fast earnings then push the ejector button. A project #NewsMatters rescues then perhaps self-esteem on the editorial boards for a little while. However, the threat is that it is too late when investor is already selling out. The truth is that journalistic passion is the only thing that can save journalism. I can appreciate that a gamer that expresses now appears to have the ambition to top the team before the playoffs. For it is now the case. At the very same time I am reminded of a couple of lines from an illustrated timeless childhood: “The red pirate team worked doggedly in silence. They knew that the fight was lost. “So, let us raise our voices about the significance of the journalistic ownership. Silence suggests resignation. And we cannot have that. Because #NewsMatters.